Regarding Dr. Richard J. Fallon’s Chiropractic Office Closing

To All His Wonderful Patients and Friends;

You may or may not realize Fallon Chiropractic officially closed his office on the 31st of July, as he stated in the Democrat legal notices on July 23rd 2015. He had originally had a prospective buyer of his practice lined up but that arrangement fell through the day before closing. As he had already set the gears in motion to retire, he was beside himself on what to do.

He of course had to find a place to store all his patient files so he asked me as a favor to do so.

I said, “That would solve your storage problem, but what of all your patients- where will they go? After all the time and money they’ve invested to get out of pain, improve their function or are maintaining their health, are they just to scatter and be abandoned? That would just not be right.”

He said, “Dr. Art, I had hoped you would feel that way and that is why I personally hand-picked you. Along with your many years of experience, comparable adjusting skills and techniques similar to mine- your capability and willingness of offering excellent continuity of care to my former patients and friends is of great relief.”

We discussed this to length and concluded it would be best if I took the initiative and he made me promise him I would contact you and offer the opportunity to resume your care to protect all you’ve put in towards your health goal.

Calling now can also keep your per visit cost very affordable for the remainder of 2015!!

We urge you to call 908-735-4086 to schedule an appointment to immediately continue care, before your health investment slips away. You may be noticing little signs already. Every ache, twinge or jab is an alarm and warning that you are slipping.

Your patient records should already be here for ease of continuing protection of your investment towards your health goals while you are at these ‘Crossroads’. My office is located at 44 Pittstown Road (Route 513), just south of Walmart which is a short distance from his old location. Just look for the big blue sign at the crest of the hill.

As Dr. Fallon begged us to help you, please respond positively this outreach to you as we are ready for you and we want to be of great service to you. I am sure you are going to really like us, as many of Dr. Fallon’s previous patients have discovered!

We really care!