Dear ‘seeker of health’,

While sitting in Dr. Art’s office and noticing all the letters from his patients, I thought it was a good way to get across a satisfied patient experience to perspective patients as well as to people who never thought chiropractic could offer so much. So here is my take-

First, my problem. I have had back and neck pain and other associated problems since I was a teenager. Over the years I have tried many chiropractors, and I must say they helped control the severity of the pain. For several years I went to a chiropractor who let me come in once every several weeks or so when “I felt I needed it”. Usually, I would get adjusted ‘just in time’.

As my latest chiropractor moved away, I started care with Dr. Art Kellenberger of Crossroads Chiropractic Center. I now can say where the phrase health ‘care’ came from. Dr. Art was not afraid to tell me want I needed to hear in order to not only get pain under control, but to actually get healthier. By first explaining why I kept getting pain and how this also interfered with my body from working right, I then understood why I needed to become more committed with care beyond pain. With this new information and a specialized care plan my pain is nearly non-existent, my flexibility and mobility has improved- and most importantly I no longer need medication for allergies! I never told any other chiropractor about the allergies as I didn’t ‘know’ my spine and nerves had anything to do with it.

These changes have helped me enjoy going outdoors and enjoying my family- doing many of the activities I avoided because of the discomforts.

Most importantly, I feel I am ‘finally home’ with Dr. Art coaching and adjusting me, and with Mary Ann up in the front office encouraging and handling the little details of the care. She is flexible with the scheduling of your appointments- and will keep you on track to health. Dr. Art also has told me Mary Ann takes care of keeping the office, especially the reception room, looking professional and welcoming. She also supplies the ample supply of Hershey Kisses!

If something has been missing in your health plan- visit these guys at Crossroads Chiropractic because they will care about getting the best results as much as you do.


Jules DeRossini

P.S. Dr. Art, you can use this letter any way you feel this can help others.

August 27, 2015