We value our patients’ experience at Crossroads Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Art Kellenberger
Your Clinton Chiropractor

“I had to be persuaded by my family to give chiropractic a try … overall opinion now turned around … keep an open mind!”

Office Manager
(Former neck pain and H.A. sufferer)

“I was constantly sleeping and feeling drugged with muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories … I have experienced an overall feeling of well-being … with chiropractic adjustments and without the drugs.”

Laura Weaver
Systems Manager
(Former neck and shoulder pain sufferer)

“Constant mid-back and neck pain completely gone. My quality of life has increased under chiropractic care. I am glad my medical doctor cared enough about health to refer me to Dr. Art.”

Joseph Cicitta

“I felt Dr. Art was really getting at the source of the problem – not just covering it up with medicine.I would not have had the severe problem today if I had done this first.”

Ruth Homen
30-year sufferer of low back pain

“Dr. Art was extremely thorough and compassionate with his examination … results most favorable after one month of treatment.”

Richard Von Geibel
Auto impacted wall – “whiplashed”

“Just one week of chiropractic care for my auto injuries has helped me more than several weeks of physical therapy. So happy my MD recommended the switch!”

“So impressed with this natural method, I just had to go to work for Dr. Kellenberger.”

M.A. Martin – former nursing home recreation therapist
Auto impacted wall – “whiplash syndrome”

“Killing low back pain, stiff neck and sleeping all improved with chiropractic. But the thing that really amazed me is this: I no longer needed antacid stuff for my chronic heartburn and regurge. An unexpected BONUS for me!”

Laura Walka
Travels from Secaucus for care

“I feel ‘centered’ after an adjustment – as if the flow of energy is correct. Now my senses are more active. I feel that chiropractic care is a tremendous benefit to improving the quality of life.”

Kent Rich
Cost/Design Engineer

“I was caught in a vicious cycle of not sleeping, then feeling ‘drugged out of it’ for my severe back pain and chronic fibromyalgia. I am living proof that regular chiropractic care is important to a person’s overall health and well-being.”

Jane M. Carroll
Suffered from injuries of auto accident for 11 yrs.

“I have been to two family doctors and a specialist on rheumatology with no results or relief – only guesses. With chiropractic care with Dr. Kellenberger, I have to say the results have been remarkable. No more joint pain – I can walk and use my arms and hands without pain! Also got education on proper body functioning and causes of illnesses.”

Frederick W. Hoffman

“I have gotten great results with my back pain … Since I have been getting adjusted my results have been nothing less than dramatic. My end-of-the-day knee pains are now history, and after suffering a lifetime from colitis and headaches, these problems also went away. Now I understand chiropractic, it makes so much sense to me why my colitis and headaches are now gone!”

Jim Hoff